Oil Controller


What is Oil Controller?

A specialized treatment for oily skin with open pores and sebum, suitable during adolescence. A combination of a peeling with Rose Hip and a mask with Apple & Lemon, products that rejuvenate and oxygenate the skin, reduce oiliness and help eliminate sebum while restoring the skin’s natural pH. This treatment offers increased hydration using specialized, non-oily products that do not clog the pores and are suitable even for very oily skin. The skin becomes softer, smoother and brighter. After treatment, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure. For better results, it is important that this treatment is repeated once a month and for individuals with additional needs, the creation of a package with at least 4 visits and combination with other treatments is highly recommended.

55 Minutes

Important Information

What you need to know: It is important to inform your beautician about any allergies, dermatological or health problems you might be dealing with. Depending on the sensitivity and type of your skin, a facial treatment might cause temporary irritation.

Products: At Quick Spa we use the certified from BDIH and award-winning, organic products ILCSI. Facial Treatments are often accompanied by free samples and we also give you the opportunity to buy the products that were used at a special discount to complete your daily care routine.


Reservations & Cancellations

If you must cancel your appointment, please keep in mind that a 24-hour cancellation notice is appreciated by phone or in person. This allows us time to replace that appointment. In the event that we don’t hear from you in time, a the following service charge will be assessed.