Medical Pedicure

Is essential not just for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons.


What is Medical Pedicure?

This specialized treatment is essential not just for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons. It is recommended to individuals with difficult, problematic toe nails and soles or for people who have hard working conditions and their feet are sensitive, prone to skin diseases. This therapeutic pedicure uses specialized procedures to treat feet problems, such as painful calluses and rough skin on the toes or soles, alleviating pain and giving you well-groomed and healthy feet. This therapeutic treatment begins with a warm, relaxing foot bath that soothes tired feet and softens the skin prior to rough skin removal that can sometimes cause discomfort. Then, a relaxing massage with special mint oil is performed by the expert hands of our therapists, helping to remove in depth dead skin from the outer surfaces, inside and around the nails. The therapeutic pedicure is completed with cuticle and nailing shaping or clipping, leaving your well-groomed feet feeling healthier and relaxed. is very important to repeat the treatment at regular intervals (every 25-30 days) so as to avoid worsening the existing problem which in turn might make the whole treatment painful.

55 Minutes

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