Full Leg Treatment

Specializing in skin tightening and detoxification.


What is Full Leg Treatment?

The ultimate leg treatment, ideal for those who suffer from fluid retention, circulatory system problems or the effects of frequent, long standing and poor posture. It begins with a ritualistic foot bath and its completed with cryotherapy, that helps eliminate edemas while at the same time relieves, soothes and revitalizes strained feet. A specialized foot massage is performed, covering the knee area and tailored to your own personal needs, making this enjoyable experience one that relaxes the whole body. It is recommended once a week or according to personal needs.
A cryotherapy treatment leg wrap that treats the feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the legs. The effectiveness of this treatment's algal complex, enriched with menthol and camphor plus the cooling effect promotes circulation and stimulates fat burning. Any feelings of tired and ‘heavy’ legs are refreshed.

40 Minutes

Important Information

It is very important to inform your therapist about any allergies, health or dermatological problems that you might be facing.


Reservations & Cancellations

If you must cancel your appointment, please keep in mind that a 24-hour cancellation notice is appreciated by phone or in person. This allows us time to replace that appointment. In the event that we don’t hear from you in time, a the following service charge will be assessed.